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The department was established in 1964 with the aim of producing professional and qualified engineers in the field of metallurgical engineering. Later on due to an increasing the demand of using new emerging materials such as superconductor’s, Nano materials and ultra lightweight material, new magnetic materials and developments of high-temperature super alloys. The department is now offering four years combined bachelor degree program in the field of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Being the first department of the country, it fulfilled the needs of qualified man power for many metal industries including the iron and steel industry like Pakistan Steel Mill, People Steel Mills, Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works, Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, Bolan Casting, Automobile and Aerospace industries. Many public and private organizations are engaged in re-melting, refining, forming, and fabrication operations of metals, nonmetals as well as the many Research and Development Organizations in country are also using and conducting research work on engineering materials which also needs qualified man powder. The course consists of various major subjects such as Materials Thermodynamics, Iron Making, Steel Makin, Physical Metallurgy, Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, Materials Characterization, Inspection & Testing of Materials, Heat treatment Processes, Corrosion Prevention and Protection, Manufacturing Technology, Fracture Mechanics and failure analysis which form the base for B.E, degree program. The Department is equipped with labs and equipment’s such as Advanced Characterization lab, Foundry Engineering lab, Materials testing lab, Spectroscopy lab, Corrosion Lab, Metallography lab and Computer lab. The department has full time qualified foreign PhD faculty. The department is privileged to have visiting faculty from all the local industries. With the advent of new materials, the department is also catering the teaching and training to our students in various metals nonmetals related industrial sectors concerned with iron and steels, ceramic polymers, and composite materials. Our final year students carry out internship training and research projects in these diversified fields of materials and indigenous resources at the local industries and research laboratories. The department also offering career counselling and makes efforts in the placement of our graduates in the industry and government departments. With the current support of HEC/Ministry of Education, Government of Sindh, the existing laboratories are being equipped and new labs are being established with new equipment’s for testing and evaluation of all the engineering materials. The Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering offers extensive coursework in its both postgraduate programs (MS/ Ph.D.). Department is also offering full-time Masters' by coursework/ research work and Ph.D. programs by research work in engineering. It has continuously updated the contents of courses to ensure relevancy to the needs of government organizations and industry.

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